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In Person or Virtual Consulting


All first-time clients start with a consult. This allows you to show me your space and give me a better idea of what you are looking for and how we can work together. Sometimes all the client needs is a new set of eyes on their space, a few suggestions, and they are on their way. Others may choose to continue working together in one of the below ways. 


1 hour   $100 

Furnishing & Styling


This service is for the client who is looking to remodel an entire room or wants a new look to their space. Using a mix of new and current furnishings we will work to create a cohesive & elevated the space.




E-design is suitable for virtual or local clients. We will work together virtually through video chat & email. Local clients may include an on site meeting, but from there it will be completed virtually. 





Hard Finish Selections

For the client who is planning a kitchen or bath remodel. we can provide a design scheme for you to refer to when working with your contractor including counter & tile suggestions, hardware, lighting etc.


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